Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue And Rehab

Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue & Rehab

*** Please know that we are a strictly foster based rescue, we can not do walk in's beings that we do not have a kennel. Please fill out an application and schedule an appointment if you are interested in adopting one of our dogs. If one on our "Available Dane" section does not interest you, do not get discouraged the next one may be right for you!!


We here at PGDR aims to provide the best care and placement possible for any and all dogs that find themselves at our doorstep in need.


We envision a world where the need to rescue Danes no longer exists but as that will never be...we will strive to change lives one dog at a time.


*Honesty in providing future owners of any and all details we have on any available dogs to ensure proper placement. *We pride ourselves on having a high level of integrity. *Unconditional love to each and every dog that comes through our rescue. *Commitment to providing the best possible out come for these dogs and future adopters.


To help every dog that we obtain to the best of our abilities in placing them in homes that will last them the rest of their lives, we want these dogs to receive the level of love and dedication that they show us.


We run on donations your donation help us pay for vet care for the danes and to find them a forever home, any donation is greatly apricated.