Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue And Rehab

Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue & Rehab

PGDR Adoption Process

An application for adoption must be completed and submitted to PGDR.
An inspection of the home of the potential adopting family must be conducted.
The family and other family dogs must meet the potential adoption Great Dane prior to the adoption.
An adoption fee is assessed based on the age and health of the Dane.
The adopted Dane must be spayed or neutered. Often PGDR will take care of this step prior to the adoption, if not a spay/neuter contract with date specified will be signed.
Follow-up contacts with the adopting families will be performed to ensure the success of the adoption, these take place weekly for the first 2 months then once a month after that, followed up by a 3-6 month home visit.
Adopting families are encouraged to contact the rescue's members if any problems arise with the adopted Dane.

We do not have a kennel. All dogs reside in foster homes until they are adopted. To meet any of our dogs, an appointment must be made.


PGDR Requires the completion of an application for adoption for consideration as a potential adopter of one of our Great Danes. Please choose the appropriate form below, download the form, complete the form, and forward the form by e-mail or U.S. Postal Service to

2450 EastBrook Rd
New Castle, Pa 16105

Should you have any questions regarding our forms, feel free to call Kasarah or Terri to discuss the application process.