Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue And Rehab

Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue & Rehab

We are strictly a volunteer foster based rescue, we do have only a few spaces we keep available for rehab cases and those are usually full. Until a wider range of foster homes (homes without other dogs, kids, and animals) are found we have been very limited in what we have been able to take. We have had a wonderful amount of success with our dogs finding their forever. When you are relinquishing a dog to us please consider the expenses and liability we accrue on your behalf and for the safety of the dog. We spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinate, and heartworm check, not to mention anything medical that pops up. These are all expenses take on. We are a non profit and strictly run off of donations. When we bring dogs in they go straight into peoples homes, so please be as honest and up front about them their behaviors, medical records, and anything you can think of that can help us help them and most importantly keep everyone safe.

Surrendering requirements:
Within the state of PA
-Current Rabies vaccine
-Current DA2PL-CPV (distemper combo)
-Consent from breeder
-All records in hand and surrender form filled out by owner of dog
Outside the state of PA
-Health Certificate by Vet (absolute must)
-Current Rabies
-Current DA2PL-CPV (distemper combo)
-Consent from breeder
-All records in hand and surrender form completed by owner of the dog.

If you do not own the dog you cannot surrender the dog. Also if your dog is unaltered (spay/neuter) please consider a small donation on your dogs behalf to help cover the vetting costs. On the Applications and Forms page is the surrender form and Dane evaluation please contact us after you have read the above and reviewed the forms in their entirety so discuss space, and possible placement of the dog!