Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue And Rehab

Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue & Rehab

A list of things we could use to support our efforts on behalf of Great Danes

You may not be able to foster a Great Dane, transport a Dane, or attend our events, but you can still help us by donating certain items to our group

Bags of Large Breed Dog Food

Foster families provide all necessities for the Great Danes that they foster and would appreciate any help that can be provided

Colossal Sized Dog Crates

The crates can be loaned to foster families while they foster a Great Dane

Prepaid Gasoline Cards

Transport of the Danes may cover several hundred miles and any financial assistance for the transports is welcomed.

Flea Treatments For Extra-Large Breeds

Flea treatments will be needed during the Spring, Summer , and fall months to protect the rescued Danes.

Extra Large Dog Beds and Used Comforters or Blankets

Our Great Danes need a place to sleep. These will be used for crates, transport ,and for sleeping areas while the Danes are being fostered or transported.

Pet Supplies, Collars, Leashes, and Training Tools

Any toys or treats that a Great Dane might like.

Sponsoring a Dane

Please contact us to discuss sponsoring a Great Dane in foster care.


Direct cash donations or Paypal will allow us to use the funds for the support, maintenance, and health care of rescued Great Danes while we seek a home for them. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR CONTACT INFO SO WE CAN THANK YOU PROPERLY